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Pole Dancing Fitness Class, 90 pt scores, Gold medals and more

Greetings from sunny Walla Walla,   July is here and so is the heat. We now see daily temperatures in the 90’s. The vines are growing higher and higher towards the sun daily, and we are starting to think about harvest perpetration.   June was a great month for us as we continued to grow our wine club and award list.   We will continue to have live music at least once a week for the

Seattle listed No. 3 in America’s Top Urban Wineries

Unsurprisingly, this tech hub hosts several urban wineries. But when Charles Smith (known for K Vintners, Charles Smith Wines, Sixto, Substance, Secco Italian Bubbles and Charles & Charles), moved his winemaking operations from Walla Walla, Washington, to Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood last year, people took notice. Smith’s mammoth 32,000-square-foot production facility and tasting room, Jet City, is the second-largest urban winery in North America. Smith’s location next to ­Boeing Field provides plenty of entertainment, as guests