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Getting to Know: College Cellars

Since the doors opened in 2003, College Cellars has been one of the few teaching wineries located in the United States. And, it’s not all that surprising to find a dedicated wine school in the heart of Washington’s wine country – the unique school is on the campus of Walla Walla Community College in the Walla Walla Valley. We sat down with Instructor of Enology Sabrina Bitz Lueck to talk everything wine. Lueck says enology

Washington Wine Month: Explore Accordingly

-From Great Wine News Washington State is most known for their apples, cherries, Walla Walla onions and evergreen trees. But during the month of March, their wine takes the stage. Currently, the 2nd largest premium wine producer in the United States, Washington is making is their mark on palates around the world. Celebrate this year’s Washington Wine Month by learning their history, understanding their terroir and of course, tasting their wine. History: Washington’s first wine

New Study Shows Growing Economic Impact for Washington State’s Wine Industry

Wine sales and production in Washington State are growing, reports a new study released today by Washington State Wine. The study details the economic and fiscal impacts of wine and wine grapes in Washington State and measures the effect of jobs, labor income and business revenues directly supported by wine and related activities such as tourism. Results show an increase in total state economic impact of $1.3 billion since 2009, or a compound annual growth

Seattle listed No. 3 in America’s Top Urban Wineries

Unsurprisingly, this tech hub hosts several urban wineries. But when Charles Smith (known for K Vintners, Charles Smith Wines, Sixto, Substance, Secco Italian Bubbles and Charles & Charles), moved his winemaking operations from Walla Walla, Washington, to Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood last year, people took notice. Smith’s mammoth 32,000-square-foot production facility and tasting room, Jet City, is the second-largest urban winery in North America. Smith’s location next to ­Boeing Field provides plenty of entertainment, as guests

Sagemoor buys Basin City-based Gamache Vineyards

BASIN CITY — Gamache Vineyards, one of Washington’s oldest and most respected vineyards, has new owners. Allan Brothers of Naches announced this week that it has purchased Gamache Vineyards in Basin City. Allan Brothers, a fourth-generation apple farming family, bought historic Sagemoor Vineyards last year. Roger and Bob Gamache established Gamache Vineyards in 1982 with their father. Last year, Bob Gamache announced his retirement, and his brother Roger said the sale of their 220-acre farm